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Hi, My name is Andrzej,
but everybody calls me Jacki 👋

For years, I have been involved with computer networking, data processing, and programming. Recently, due to the flourishing of LLMs (Large Language Models), AI-supported programming has caught my attention.
I have completed two editions of the AI DEVS course, which provided me with a solid foundation for further experimentation. My goal is to create tools that simplify everyday work and daily tasks.

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Recent Projects
Project Web Design
AI Personal Assisstant

ŚWINKA is a project of a personal assistant powered by AI. The assistant is capable of communicating with household members and distinguishing between them. It can utilize tools such as a Calendar. It maintains a separate knowledge base for each user, remembers conversations, and can search for information in knowledge databases as well as on the Internet. This is a project I am currently working on, and I will be posting updates on my progress and interesting issues on my blog.

Recent Posts
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New Website

Nov 24, 2023
I've decided to launch a website where I'll be posting updates on the progress of the assistant's development.
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